jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

What I Wanted to Love

I see all the colors
turning into blue
all the answers
suddenly appears

I hear all the sounds
turning into a song
all the tears and fears
suddenly are gone

You´ll see me come
to never walk away
deep inside your eyes
i´ll make my prayers

What i wanted to speak
what i wanted to see
what i wanted to love
what i wanted to believe

And you´ll see me come
to walk away no more
i´m sure that you are
what i wanted to love...


martes, 28 de octubre de 2008

Un Poco de Café

Sonreí, como siempre. No podía evitar sonreirte, jamás había podido hacerlo, y ahora, claramente, no era la excepción.

Te miré a los ojos y me vi reflejado en ellos, era la primera vez que lo hacía después de tantos años de haberlos visto, y me di cuenta de todo el tiempo que había perdido.

Antes de dormir recordé tu sonrisa y el aroma de tu piel, después, recordé tus ojos, y otra vez, no pude evitar sonreír.

Cerré los ojos y por un instante te tuve frente a mi.

Quise decirte tantas cosas, pero al final, decidí resumirlo todo en dos palabras.

Te amo, pensé.


sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Heartless Bitch Blues

I had a girl a long time ago
Well, the truth is I never had her
She never wanted to love me
She just wanted not to feel alone

I made everything I could to please her
But she just smiled and turned around
I said “oh baby would you ever love me?”
She said “keep your life going, maybe some day”

You might think i´m just a stupid boy
I always knew I was fallin´ I just wanted to dream
Yes you might say i´m just a stupid boy
But you can´t denie she´s just a heartless bitch

I tried again and said “I really want you darling”
“You are the one for me but I am not for you” she said
“You just keep your life going my sweet baby
And if it´s meanted to be we´ll try some day”

Two or three weeks passed and the she called me
She told me “baby, I´m sure I want you please let me try”
But as always she prefered to left me for another man
I remember I thought “I love me enough to be somebody´s dog”

You might think i´m just a stupid boy
I always knew I was fallin´ I just wanted to believe
Oh yes you might say i´m just a stupid boy
But you can´t denie she´s just a heartless bitch

And now i´m here singin´ this blues
Not because i´m still hurt
But because i´ve found real love
And i´m happy that I never had this one i´ve told

Now you can´t think I am a stupid boy
I´m sure that i´ve found what I want for me
Now I see all the things I wanted to ignore
Yes you are right, she´s just another heartless bitch…


domingo, 12 de octubre de 2008

Another Night Without You

This one i wrote it for a friend of mine, i hope you´ll enjoy it...

Hey you, my lover is at the door
Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave home
I know your girl is waiting for you
But please don’t forget to leave to the dogs some food

Don’t forget to wash your mouth if you smoked too much
That’s what I ask to my lover before he comes to our home
I think your baby likes to shower before you get laid
I prefer to do it with my lover´s hands around my waist

Don´t drink too much cos I will not
If we met at the door we can give us a kiss of good night and let it go
Say hi for me to your girl and enjoy anything you´ll do
Theres some pizza in the kitchen and aspirins too

Hey baby, i´ll come back around three
If you come back before don’t wait for me
I´ll make no noise I won´t wake you up
But if you hear my steps please pretend you don´t

Hey honey tomorrow we can talk
About the weather and our boring jobs
I´ll make some pancakes and orange juice
I ´ll be by your side waiting for another night without you...


viernes, 10 de octubre de 2008

Everything I Am Not

You are the road to where i belong
you are the sky you are the fall
you are the light that shines on
you are everything i am not

You are the calm of the seas
you are the words i believe
you are the sun and the wind
you are everything i´ll never be

You are the hope of the refugees
you are the elocuence in every dream
you are the beauty in a fantasy
you are everything i´ll never be...


lunes, 6 de octubre de 2008

Mmm Ahi...

Un poco mas...
Solo un poco....
ahi, exactamente ahi...

No!, no lo muevas...
mmm ahora un poco mas...
un poco....
ahi, perfecto...