miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

Lejos de Aquí

Debo creer mentiras
No decir la verdad
Debo pensar lo que quieren
No puedo soñar

Debo permanecer con la cabeza abajo
No puedo mirar al cielo o al sol
Debo aprender a humillarme
No puedo imaginar algo mejor

Debo quedarme callado
No decir lo que pienso
Debo vivir con miedo
No saber lo que es tranquilidad

Debo aprender a arrodillarme
No querer vivir de pie
Debo acostumbrarme al dolor
No saber nunca lo que es el placer

Debo enterrar la felicidad
No dejar que me llene el amor
Debo aprender a matar
No acercarme a la compasión

Debe existir la luz
Debe existir el amor
Debe existir la tolerancia
Debe existir la comprensión

Debe existir algún lugar
Debe existir algún lugar mejor
Debe existir algún lugar mejor lejos
Debe existir algún lugar mejor lejos de aquí…


lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

Forget About Everything

Forget about broken hearts
i don´t want to be concerned
forget about their bunch of lies
there´s no need to hear them

He hides underneath the stars
he´s happy beside his river
i am not the falling one
i am not what you want for me

Forget about the growing pain
you don´t need to feel lonely
forget about what they all said
just enjoy this gorgeous morning

He walks along our fields
he flies through foreing skies
i am not the dying one
i am not what you ever wanted

Forget about the lost thoughts
we won´t crumble into the seas
forget about those empty eyes
don´t need what they don´t want

He loves to stare at the moon
he loves to sing in the night
i am not the one thats crying
i am not the one in pain

Forget about the suffering souls
we don´t need to be paranoic
forget about them all
forget about everything...


viernes, 10 de abril de 2009

The Sound of a Guitar

Silence, silence, definitely silence
there are no voices around
silence, silence, definitely silence
just you, somehow...

I listen everything you say
no words, just feelings
you scream, you whisper
no words, just feelings...

Can´t say you are everywhere
you´re just where you have to
can´t say i´m everywhere
i´m just where you are...

I don´t mind the colors
that´s not how i look at you
don´t need my eyes with you
i just need my beating heart...

Winter or summer
spring or fall
day or night
dead or alive...

live forever, on an island
since i´ve been loving you
paranoid android, the thrill is gone
you really got me, black hole sun...

I never miss you, i´ll never do
this kind of love is endless
i never miss you, i´ll never do
this kind of love is endless...

Daytripper, roadhouse blues
yellow ledbetter, november rain
Have you ever loved a woman
for the love of God...

I´ll sing what you won´t
i´ll listen to your voice
wherever you are
blues or rock...


viernes, 3 de abril de 2009

From Yesterday Comes Tomorrow

From yesterday comes tomorrow
that´s something you should know
i was lost in someones memories
never thought i wanted to be alone

A little bit of solitude everyday
to learn how to listen to my voice
underneath the night in pouring rain
the glory of an unintended soul

Just a few seconds in the dark
sittin´ here in silence on my own
suddenly the light will appears
while the world keeps spinnin´on

I can hear the sound of a cigarrette
dying over a dead man´s skull
it doesn´t matter if i´m awake or not
life doesn´t wait it just keeps going on

From yesterday comes tomorrow
that´s something you should know
now i know i don´t want to be lonely
i just want to be alone...