lunes, 31 de agosto de 2009

How I Feel For Her??

She is out of my sight
always inside of my mind
how i feel for her?
i feel for her...

She is far from my words
always her name in my mouth
how i feel for her?
i feel for her...

She is far away from here
always near from my soul
how i feel for her?
i feel for her...

She is the owner of my heart
the owner of my love
how i feel for her?
i feel for her...

jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009

No Estoy Loco

La verdad es que no estoy loco, no soy neurótico, ni esquizofrénico, ni paranoico ni nada por el estilo. No me enoja la lluvia, ni el sol, ni la oscuridad, ni el viento, ni el mar, ni que se caigan las hojas de los árboles, ni el cantar de las aves, ni lo´s perros ni los gatos, no me molesta ni siquiera el metro. No me imagino que el mundo se vaya a acabar, ni veo cosas o personas donde no las hay. Sé perfectamente que no existe ni existirá conspiración alguna en mi contra, ni pienso que lo peor me va a pasar.
No estoy loco, podré ser imaginativo y hasta fantasioso, pero sé que loco no estoy. No soy un fanático religioso, ni político, ni creo en fantasmas, ni escucho voces, ni me pasa por la cabeza el suicidio. No me da por investigar lo que la gente me dice para saber si me me engañan o si se quieren burlar de mi, o si lo hacen por miedo, o simplemente para verme la cara de pendejo, simplemente es demasiado evidente cuando esto pasa, ni siquiera me tengo que molestar es investigar si es verdad o no.
No estoy loco, no me levanto en las noches con temor a ser asesinado en ese momento, ni escucho voces en la oscuridad provenientes del mas allá que claman por mi sangre y mi sufrimiento, no tengo amigos imaginarios, y mucho menos enemigos imaginarios, no los necesito.
No estoy loco, no me creo realidades alternas para escapar de la mía, ni me gusta esconderme entre fantasias improbables ni sueños inalcanzables, no tengo ideas locas, ni imagino que puedo llegar a tener poderes supernaturales.
No estoy loco, el mundo no esta en mi contra, ni yo estoy en contra de él.
No estoy loco...

miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2009

A Bullet In My Heart...

I was sleeping when i started to hear my name
i turned on the light but i saw nothing strange
i walked all over my place looking for the voice
and when i looked in the bathroom there it was

I saw him staring at me in the mirror
he threatened me and then walked away

i stood there for a while thinking of what he said
"tomorrow by this time you will be dead"

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath
i decided to kill him before he dissappeared
i went down to the street and i saw him
he was there laughing, waiting for me

I couldn´t stand that mocking face he had
i yelled at him but he didn´t care about it
then i took out a gun and shot him in the heart
too late i realized i´d just put a bullet in mine

I guess i won´t see the sunlight never again
now i know the moonlight makes blood look black
i feel no feeling of regret about nothing in my life
i loved, i hated, i laughed and i cried to forget

I feel nothing more and i have nothing more to say
i heard voices and i saw things that weren´t there
life can be short or can be long it´s up to you
now i see my heart wasn´t as hard as they said it was...

domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

Hole in the Heart

I think i´ll just let things pass by
don´t feel the energy in the heart
I heard some things that hurted me
like if i never showed respect for love

I never thought those things
where in someone´s mind
i never thought some words
could make a hole in my heart

i think i´ll just stay on my own
with the eyes on the ground
now i know i was born and
i´ll live down till the end of my time

I feel tired and weak inside
maybe life is all in the mind
i´ll keep quiet all alone in the dark
i´ll talk about my feelings no more...

domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

Lean On Me

To Bitter Moon, my friend...

The days are passing by in front of us
and we don´t seem to live them
i know you might think you are wrong
i know you might feel you are alone

You can lean on me my friend
if you feel the world won´t wait for you
if you feel there´s nobody out there for you
if you don´t see the sunlight in your hands

It seems that the heavens are crying over us
i know that makes us feel down all the time
like if we´ll never find the real love of our lives
like if there´s nobody out there who can understand

You can lean on me my friend
if you feel the world won´t wait for you
if you feel there´s nobody out there for you
if you don´t see the sunlight in your hands

It is not the same to be lonely and to be alone
be careful with sadness it becomes highly addictive
if you need me you know that i would give you my hand
you can lean on me my friend anytime, anywhere

Even if you feel that misery is falling upon us
even if you feel that everything is meaningless
even if your answers disappear when you open your eyes
you can lean on me my friend anytime, anywhere...