lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011


Let her talk to you
every day and every night
Let her whisper at your ear
listen to her words carefully

Let her lay right in front of you
embrace her, she´s everything for you
Let her guide you through every road
take her hand and never let her go

Let her give you joy and a beautiful smile
she will teach you what hope and love are
Let her take you though the bad times
she will teach you to stand up and fight

Let her tell you how to look back
how to forgive and forget if you get hurt
Let her tell you who you really are
how to walk with your head up high

Let her give you what you need
let her talk to you softly
Let her live you all the time
live her with everything you have.

martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

Lost Heart

Alone in her sad black eyes
a fire is burning slowly
she said "my time is gone"
as she walked in loneliness

Alone in the ashes of her smile
a feeling is dying slowly
she said "i´ve lost my soul
i feel like i´m drowning"

Alone, always on her mind
a fading light that barely shines
"help me to find my way back,
help me to get back from this darkness"

Alone in her white arms
a memory is fading slowly
"it´s hard to forget something
when you remember it with the heart"

Alone in her cracked lips
a kiss is withering slowly
"i have the life i ever wanted
but not with the person i ever wanted"

Alone, always in her mind
a light that shines so far away
"what is worse in life than living it
without the one you love the most?"...